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Nail technicians

At LJM Beauty Therapy, our nail technicians will make your nails look amazing! We offer manicures, pedicures and nail painting. Contact the salon today, we are based in Kirkcaldy, Fife

Range of great nail treatments

LJM offers a range of top quality professional manicures and pedicures by Jessica, as well as an extensive selection of nail hardening treatments and extensions and luxurious spa treatments. Analysis of your nail type is the starting point for a Jessica manicure/pedicure, in order that treatment can be tailored to individual needs. This luxury therapy involves the use of electrically heated mittens, the warmth encouraging the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. In a standard manicure the nails are cleaned of old polish, moisturiser and cuticle softener are applied and the nails shaped. This is followed by the application of a basecoat and various coats of coloured nail polish. A French manicure is similar but with the tips of the nails painted white and the rest covered in sheer pink or pinky beige to give the illusion of clean healthy nails. 
Nail hardening treatments and extensions provide protection and enhance the appearance of the fingertips. Bio sculpture gel is an organic hardening substance that is applied onto natural nails, strengthening and conditioning them and promoting their natural growth. The gel can also be used to form extensions, which are thin and natural looking. They are also durable and flexible and will not lift or chip, nor will they cause fungal growth. This treatment produces no odour or fumes and very little dust. The gel is available in over 30 permanent colours, as well as clear. Fibreglass nails are especially flexible extensions, making them a good choice for natural-looking nails. They are also easily removable and their application is odourless (the chemicals used being friendlier than those involved in some other treatments). Extreme glaze nails involve the application of glazes and tips, using a unique new combination of liquid and powder. First the nails are coated with a base glaze and then the tip (there is a choice of 3 types) is applied. Once the tips have been shortened and shaped the finish glaze is brushed on and the glaze powder applied. The results are light and pretty.

Shellac Gel Overlays

Available as a manicure or pedicure, Shellac brand colouring offers 5 great befits:
  1. 14+ days of high-performance wear
  2. Stunning crystal shine
  3. Zero dry time
  4. Amazing 5-minute removal
  5. No nail damage

Jessica Classic Manicure 

Similar to the standard treatment, but with the nail tips painted to the colour of your choice.

Jessica Le Remedi Deluxe Treatment  

Hand exfoliation, hand mask and liposome treatment.

File and Colour

The nails are filed to the desired shape and coloured with a base and two coats of colour and finished with a top coat.

Jessica Treatment Manicure

A treatment with colour, tailored to individual nail type, that will work miracles on natural nails.

Warm Wax Treatment for Hands and Feet 

Takes 1 hr or 1 hr 15 mins/ with additional colour. An exfoliation therapy incorporating the application of warm wax and intensive massage.

Spa Pedicure also with additional colour

Natural products, rich in marine complexes, are applied to the feet, which are bathed in warm water and exfoliated and massaged.

Bio Sculpture 

  • Armour-plating for natural nails.
  • Soak off gel give professional, no chip, smudge free, strengthening manicure or pedicure. 

Back Scratcher Nail Extensions

A unique combination of glazes and tips, this new technology combines the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of resins.

Fibreglass Wrapping

Silk or fibre is applied to natural nails to strengthen or repair breaks and cracks.

Nail Art

Per nail prices apply
This involves the application of gems and hand painted designs. Minx wraps also available.
Flower motif
Our nail technicians have all the flair and skills to make your nails look amazing, whether its for a night out or for a wedding. Contact LJM Beauty Therapy today in Kirkcaldy, Fife
Call us now on 01592 205 467

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