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Body Treatments


Standard body treatments are often described as facials from the neck to the feet. They are cleansing and hydrating treatments, incorporating massage, which make you look and feel relaxed and refreshed. LJM offers a wide range of therapies, some more massage and aromatherapy-based, others more focussed on deep cleansing (e.g. via 'peeling' masks) or skin toning (or tightening). Included here are specific fat/cellulite-reducing treatments (which also purify the skin by helping to eliminate toxins) and tanning. As with facial treatments, the majority of body treatments will work to optimum effect if applied once a month. They also act as a wonderful tonic as a one-off. Additionally LJM offers the removal of thread veins, skin tags and blood spots by a technique known as diathermy or thermolysis. In this treatment a high frequency current with a cauterising action is applied to the affected area. It has a 90% success rate.


Darphin Gentle Exfoliating Treatment (45 mins)
A thorough gommage of your whole body to eliminate dead cells. The body is left satin-soft and then moisturised with a gentle massage using essential oils.

Darphin Vitality Treatment (2 hrs)
Using a combination of essential oils and a deep conditioning mask to revitalise the body, this treatment will firm and tone the skin. A mini facial is included.

Aromatherapy or Swedish Deep Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins)
Both use specially blended organic oils. Swedish massage involves deep tissue manipulation, whereas aromatherapy massage is gentler and more relaxing.

Aromatherapy or Swedish Deep Full Body Massage (1 hr)
A choice of 2 all over massages, as Back Neck and Shoulder Massage above.

Aromatherapy or Swedish Deep Half Body Massage (45 mins)
A choice of 2 half body massages (as Back Neck and Shoulder Massage above) using warmth from infra red lamp.

Aromatherapy or Swedish Deep Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Warm Peach Wax (45 mins) or Hot Stones (45min) or 1 hour
A choice of 3 massages (as Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage above) with penetrating warmth from peach wax, or hot stones.

Susan Molyneux Top-to-Toe Aromatherapy Spa Treatment (1 hr 30 mins)
Incorporates face, scalp and feet as well as body.

Darphin Energising Leg and Foot Treatment (45 mins)
A specific leg treatment using active products to improve poor circulation and fluid retention.

Darphin Aromalift Firming Treatment (1 hr 30mins)
An in-depth aromatic anti-ageing treatment based on a combination of invigorating movements and lifting and firming treatments. Seven products are applied to the body to act in depth on sagging skin.

Darphin Aromarine Treatment (1 hr 30mins)
A draining and remineralising treatment allowing essential oils and marine mud to gently reshape the body and deep-cleanse the pores.

De-Tox Body Treatment (1 hr)
An aromatic body-shaping wrap incorporating seaweed and mint that helps to detoxify and purify your body. Includes a neck and shoulder massage.

Slim-Gel Body Wrap Treatment (1 hr 30 mins)
This toning treatment uses warm herbal gel and bandages to detoxify the body and help drain off cellulite, making the body appear slimmer and firmer. The therapy also includes a mini-facial. A course of 3 is recommended.

Parafango Body Wrap Cellulite Treatment (1 hr 30 mins)
The wrap combines the thermal properties of paraffin with the de-toxifying effects of fango (mud). It draws toxins from fat cells and stimulates fluid elimination, thus reconditioning the skin and reducing cellulite.

Ultra Derm Back Treatment (45 mins)
electrotherapy purifies and refines the skin, oxygenating it, and is combined with deep cleansing and moisturising treatments and a massage.

Microdermabrasion Treatment for the back and arms (45 mins) 25, is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that combines new innovative treatment technologies within one sate of the art treatment system.

By propelling perfectly round microspheres onto the skin surface the Chroma Clear produces a gentle tapping action that gently exfoliates the skin tissue leaving behind a complexion with new found luminosity and youthful vitality.

A uniquely formulated hydrating and smoothing gel mask is applied to replenish and quench dull, dehydrated skin.

A special anti bacterial blue light is used to purify, soothe and calm and when combined with red light stimulation, promotes a clearer, healthier skin complexion.

Your Chroma Clear therapist will individually tailor your treatments according to your specific needs.

St Tropez Self Tanning Treatment (full body 1 hr/part body 30 mins)
An excellent alternative to ultra-violet exposure, this pleasant-smelling treatment based on aloe vera will give an all over tan to the palest of skins.

Totol Tan Airbrush Tanning (30 mins)
The latest airbrush tanning system available,
Totol Tan stays on evenly for 7-10 days.

Removal of Thread Veins, Skin Tags and Blood Spots (15 mins)
Achieved via a localised high frequency current with a cauterising action. For deep veins on the legs scierotherapy can be used (this has to be done by our visiting doctor).


LJM Beauty Therapy, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Tel: 01592 205467